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EKR Schlegel is an emerging Canadian figurative artist who works predominantly in acrylic, charcoal, and oil. Schlegel was born and raised in small-town southern Ontario, though a career in the fashion industry led the artist from the confines of a rural community to a life of world travel for more than 20 years. This path had a profound influence on Schlegel’s aesthetic interpretation of the human body and the idea of conventional and commercial beauty. Schlegel’s work has been described as “a delightful take on the human figure,” and “pure form and plenty of erotica to stir the senses.”


The artist now resides with family in the picturesque rural landscape of Grey County, Ontario. EKR Schlegel’s work continues to explore the human body in its many forms through an ongoing series of nude sketches and painted works. Her works have been exhibited most recently as part of the Fall Emerging Artists Exhibition at Toronto’s Gallery 1313.



Instagram:  @EKRschlegel

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