Artist Profile


Christa Bilsky

Being an artist is the only constant and “sure thing” I’ve known. My world and all my sensory input consist of blocks of saturated color, the thickness of lines, transitions of light to dark, and beautiful textures. I’m that girl who is compelled to touch the signs as I pass by so I can experience the recesses, bumps, and the smoothness with my fingertips. I fight the impulse to touch the paintings of others should I find myself standing in awe of one.

However, life does throw curve balls and for me, becoming a young single mother of two, put my dream of being a full-time artist on hold.

At the age of 30, it was time for me to take a leap and work towards my dream of using my artistic skills to provide for my family and feed my soul. I left my current job to go back to school for graphic design.  I packed up my brood and headed west from Saskatchewan to British Columbia to chase my dream. I completed a diploma in Graphic Design and studied Fine Arts at Thompson Rivers University. I excelled. I was excited to have the opportunity to learn. I was able to submerse myself in my passions and I took on every pro bono opportunity to build my portfolio.  I painted. I drew. I designed. My heart danced as I lost myself in art, found myself in art, and comforted myself in art.

Eventually, I returned to Saskatoon and landed a graphics job for a feature film, which led me to make several connections in the graphic design realm. This took me to a job in a sign shop, all the while still a commissioning artist and doing freelance Graphic Design work on the side.  I was open to every opportunity to create, learn and grow as an artist.

I’ve always said “no rest for the wicked” and I like to make sure my children never needed for anything. I have a tenacity for a comfortable and fulfilling life. I am ever open to how my life evolves much like a piece of art.

Fifteen years into my graphic design work, I live a beautiful life in Saskatoon, working for a small firm. I’ve had the pleasure of learning a plethora of facets in the design world from creating graphics for a TV series, corporate companies to small businesses, campaigns, music videos, and the list goes on. Meanwhile, my passion continues to beat deep within my chest, providing my life with all the things so easily missed by those who don’t drink in the sensory details of life. I’m surrounded with ideas, canvas, and color and when the time is right and the passion heightened I surrender easily to this desire to create beautiful, joyful work.

I graciously accept commissions and continue to create my own pieces from my soul inspired by moments, people and things. Often, I pair my creations with music as I find it just as much an integral part of the process as the physical act of painting. So much so, that I’ve been known to write on the back of the stretched canvas what I have listened to while creating the art piece so the owner can get a sense of the moments and sound that helped inspire the painting. Music does drive me. When I hear sound it easily translates into colors, textures, movement, and mood and that all comes together for me as I paint.

More recently, I have taken on the most beautiful opportunity to pair cremains and paint and to create something that breathes new joy and life into sacred memories. By mixing colors and love with ashes as I spend time creating memorial artwork of lost loved ones or adored pets who have passed.

I have always loved the process of painting, probably more than I should. There is nowhere else that I can experience the beauty of this life on such intense and incredible levels. I have fallen in love with my passion more than ever!

I consider my desire and talent a blessing that allows me to create and inspire, but also to help heal and give back some happiness in colour and texture. So love: just put it on the canvas.