The Full Light of Day at Luminato

From award-winning artists, Daniel Brooks & Kim Collier comes a provocative film theatre hybrid about an aging matriarch who must contend with her family’s corrupt legacy before she dies.

Part theatre, part film, The Full Light of Day tells the story of Mary, the aging matriarch of a wealthy Canadian family. As the end of her life draws near, Mary refuses to continue to turn a blind eye towards the misdeeds that helped her family amass their great wealth. The story reflects on the tough moral choices facing Canadians today and forces the audience to confront the systematic corruption and ethical paradoxes that underline most of modern day society. Does our ignorance also make us complicit?

The production blurs the boundaries of media and theatre, using live film, cameras, and image and video projections to create an integrated and visually-stunning experience. Questions of perception and truth are accentuated through this blending of live and cinematic content.

Governor General Award-winning writer Kevin Kerr created a collection of short films shot in 360° Virtual Reality that can be viewed separately from the theatre experience. These films, which enhance the stage production, are told from the perspectives of the individual principal characters, placing the viewer inside their actions and perceptions.

Vancouver-based Electric Company Theatre (ECT) has built a national reputation for ground-breaking, and ambitious productions including Betroffenheit, Tear the Curtain!, and No Exit. The Full Light of Day continues ECT’s exploration of how concept and form illuminate content, with a roster of Canada’s most exceptional and award-winning talent.

The Full Light of Day is an Electric Company Theatre production in association with The Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity, co-presented by Luminato and Canadian Stage.

(Image: Gabrielle Rose, Scott Bellis and Jenny Young. Photo by Brian Johnson.)

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    June 7, 2019 20:00
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    June 13, 2019 22:30
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    Bluma Appel Theatre - 27 Front Street East, Toronto, Ontario M5E 1B4
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